Spice Market give us the rundown on their epic Halloween party

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Spice Market give us the rundown on their epic Halloween party

Why are you throwing a Halloween event in 2019?

Last year’s event was spectacular, with over 1200 people attending, all in costume. We got the venue professionally decorated by set designers/builders, which took three days to do. It looked amazing so we’re doing the same this year but making it even better.

How does your Halloween event stand out from other Halloween celebrations?

Our event is always on the official day of Halloween and we go above and beyond to create a fabulous atmosphere for our guests.

What activities do you have in store for Halloween 2019?

Besides trick or treats for every arriving guest we have a Thriller performance by TJ, Australia’s number one Michael Jackson tribute artist.

Any spooktacular surprises that punters should be wary of?

We have a few, but the professional actors in full zombie make-up (each one takes six hours to create) are so scary and never fall out of character. It’s really like being amongst the Walking Dead.

What about drink specials?

The ticket price includes a free drink as well as Halloween cocktails.

What’s the ultimate Halloween costume?

Walking Dead zombie for sure.

Spice Market in Beaney Ln, CBD, comes to life with its official Halloween Party on Thursday October 31. Grab tickets via the Spice Market website.