Sonia Serin

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Sonia Serin


How do shows in Melbourne compare to playing overseas? Like Melbourne, I find European cities very accepting and engaging when hearing new genres and a variation of styles. I don’t think audiences differ in terms of music culture-diversity and the appreciation for live music.  


Earlier this year you released Everyone in Small Doses. Tell us about the writing of that track? The idea came about when I lived in London five years ago. The song is about experiencing a challenging period of settling into a big city, feeling like going against the grain at times and the nostalgia of missing family and friends at home.


What can you reveal about your upcoming LP?  I think this LP will be quite emotional. Two of the tracks are related to my own healing process of having experienced addiction, coming through that process, exploring self-acceptance and also endeavouring to find my own voice when it comes to basic human rights.

What do you think an acoustic performance needs to contain in order to grab an audience’s attention? I feel that I play the guitar a particular way. I love hearing really honest and authentic performers where I feel like I’m going on their journey also. I hope that my music can do the same for others. The beauty of acoustic music for me and hearing it live becomes a shared experience for the performer and listener.