Songs we can’t wait to hear at Meredith 2018

Songs we can’t wait to hear at Meredith 2018


Aunty Meredith is making her way to town soon, and we couldn’t be more excited. With a thrilling mix of rock, punk, RnB and hip hop, this year’s Meredith lineup will be one to remember — but it doesn’t mean we don’t have requests. Here’s what we want to see go down at this year’s festival.

The Presets: ‘Downtown Shutdown’

Since 2003, The Presets have always impressed. Their fresh new tracks such as ‘Do What You Want’ and ‘Downtown Shutdown’ from their latest album Hi Viz are no different. The genius beats and catchy phrases from the Australian duo are guaranteed to get you moving.

Sampa the Great: ‘Blue Boss’ 

This Zambian poet, singer-songwriter and rapper is made for the stage. Gaining traction since her debut mixtape, Sampa continues to voice her opinions on women’s rights and the opportunities available for women of colour. ‘Blue Boss’ boasts an incredible percussion line and Sampa’s unique mix of hip hop, reggae, soul, gospel and jazz is always a pleasure to hear.

Panda Bear: ‘Boys Latin’

This is a gritty, reverb-soaked track that creates a unique atmosphere and sends chills down your spine. One can only imagine how impressive it’ll sound at the Sup’. Not to mention the beat to bop to.

Laura Jean: ‘Girls on the TV’ 

This Melbourne singer-songwriter creates flawless indie pop songs such as ‘Girls on the TV’. She’ll have you up on your feet with her unassuming vocals and chill accompaniment.

The Breeders: ‘All Nerve’

This is a slower song for the alternative American rock band comprising of Pixie’s Kim and Kelley Deal, Josephine Wiggs and Jim Macpherson. It’s a stark contrast to their smash hit ‘Cannonball’ but is calming and beautifully layered between the vocals and guitars. 

Yaeji: ‘passionfruit’

Yaeji’s mix of soft vocals over dreamy house tracks is enchanting. ‘passionfruit’ is no exception. Her style combines her New York upbringing and South Korean heritage. These soothing club tracks fit on any playlist, especially your Meredith one.

Nadia Rose: ‘Make it Happen’

Get inspired by this song of determination from UK hip hop artist and female urban icon Nadia Rose. Short but sweet, ‘Make it Happen’ is less than two minutes long but will have you asking for more of Rose’s work. 

The Seven Ups: ‘The Learned Goat’

Featuring some sick saxophone, the Melbourne party band aces it on ‘The Learned Goat’. It’s some serious mood music, full of funk and transports you to another world. The instrumental’s beat will keep you bopping and this track even has guitar riffs to top it all off. If you’re looking for something lower key check out ‘The Mountain Pass’, also off their Commandments album.

Mental as Anything: ‘Live it Up’

This classic from 1985 shows that music doesn’t get old. Despite its age, ‘Live it Up’ is a wonderful reminder of the large effect a classic band with guitars, drums and a microphone can achieve.