Son Called Moon

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Son Called Moon

Chapel Off Chapel

Son Called Moon is both a mythical fable and a contemporary, intimate story of love and redemption.

Moon, an adventurous and curious boy, lies awake for hours discussing the secrets of the universe with Sun, the mysterious and ever-present feminine. When one day a mysterious and potentially dangerous fruit appears that even Sun doesn’t recognise, their relationship begins to bruise, giving way to paranoia and manipulation, sending the two on a journey through fear, isolation and longing.

This captivating and masterful brand new work by Jewish/Australian artist Ari Jacob is a deeply personal and transcendent theatrical experience, taking the audience into days, nights, years and lifetimes of ancient spiritual teachings and raw human experience.

The six-person cast and an exquisite nine-person onstage band will fill The Chapel with an innovative, ethereal original folk score, transforming the space into both a cozy living room and a vast galaxy.

Directed by James Cutler and starring Irish performer Claire Burns, this groundbreaking new show explores themes of shame and vulnerability, sexuality and religion, truth and wisdom — a modern prophecy for the end of days, a time when ‘the Moon will give light like the Sun.’