SNORT has travelled to the motherland ‘With Friends’

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SNORT has travelled to the motherland ‘With Friends’

What’s a fun fact about the show? We once made our own nude calendar to fundraise for the show and no one wanted them so we lost money. – Joseph Moore, also performing Two Hearts: Melbourne World Tour.

The idea for the show was born when… During one of our typical, ritualistic, beer-drinking comedian clan get-togethers, we came up with the idea for a made-up on-the-spot show. Which is how New Zealand invented improvisation. – Donna Brookbanks, co-founder of SNORT.

Can you share a moment your cast has always remembered? I literally cannot think of a single memory that stands out. Some people may interpret that as a lack of special memories. Those people would be wrong. Instead, it’s an abundance of special memories that make the memories no longer special, instead just normal. Basically, we’ve had so many memorable moments, that it would be impossible for one to stand out. Come to our show and I promise you’ll love it so much, that you won’t be able to remember it the next day. – Alice Snedden, also performing Self-Titled.

What does your show teach the audience? We don’t teach the audience shit. If the audience leave the show with any sense of enlightenment that has happened entirely irrespective of our performance – Guy Montgomery, also performing Guy Montgomery Doesn’t Check His Phone For An Hour.

Does your show have any audience participation? We require the audience to intermittently shout out one word. It is VERY demanding – Guy Montgomery.