Skome’s Trinidadian Callalloo

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Skome’s Trinidadian Callalloo

Have This:
• 1 onion
• 8 cloves of garlic
• 3-4 red chillies
• A half-thumb sized piece of ginger
chopped up
• 5-7 sprigs of fresh thyme
• 3 sprigs of shado beni (AKA ngo
gai, available from most Vietnamese
• A hand sized piece of salted cod
• 4 bunches of choy sum (or equivalent
amount of your choice of leafy green)
chopped up small
• 2 diced tomatoes
• A large handful of fresh okra cut into
fi ngernail-ish sized pieces
• 1 can of coconut milk
• 1 tbsp of coconut oil for frying
• 2 tsp of black pepper

Do This:
• If you have it together enough
to prep the day before, soak the
saltfi sh over night. You need to draw
out some of the salt and plump it up
a bit.
• If not, bring a pot of water to the
boil, throw in the fi sh, turn the heat
down and let it simmer for about 20
minutes, change the water and do it
• Rinse the fi sh off in cold water,
debone and shred it up with your
hands into fi ngernail-sized pieces.
• Fry the onion, garlic, chilli, shado
beni, thyme and 3/4 of the ginger in
coconut oil till the onions are soft.
• Add the fi sh and stir it all up so
everything gets touched.
• Add the choy sum and okra then
pour in the coconut milk and a cup
of water. Bring the liquid to a light
boil then turn the heat down, put a
lid on the pot and let it simmer for
about 20 minutes.
• Add the tomatoes, remaining ginger
and black pepper, stir it up, put the
lid on and cook for 10-15 minutes.
• You want the leaves of the choy
sum to mush up and the stems to
be soft while still keeping together.
The okra should be soft and gooey.
There should have been enough salt
from the fi sh, but taste it at this point
and add salt and or extra pepper if
need be.


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