Skeleton Witch : Forever

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Skeleton Witch : Forever


You all have one: the album that got you into metal. Maybe it was Master of Puppets. Maybe it was a Sabbath album. Whatever it was, you listened to that album from start to finish multiple times – on a daily basis. You savoured every drum fill and tempo change. You perfected air guitaring what you believed to be the correct guitar parts while headbanging around your room and trying not to stomp too hard on the floor so as to avoid your mother coming up and catching you acting like your walls should have some layers of padding on them. It’s the album that made you realise there is a whole world of loud and heavy music out there just waiting for you to drink to.

As you placated your addiction, you found more and more awesome records. Maybe your tastes changed; maybe you found an album that is so amazing it was all you listened to for the next six months. But you rarely find something that fills you with the thrill of discovering metal like that first record.

Everything about Skeletonwitch’s Forever Abomination makes me feel like I’ve discovered how awesome heavy music is for the first time again. There is so much energy here and a good amount of variation between tracks. The mix is spot on, the snare snaps, the vocals are guttural and the guitars. Holy shit snacks. The freaking guitars.

I can honestly say that each individual track has more riffs than some albums – not an easy feat considering that Forever Abomination clocks in at 32 minutes. Despite the metric-fuck-ton of riffage, nothing feels like the guys have just cut and pasted the best riffs they could come up with. The album flows like a solid stream of lava and is just as destructive to listen to.

One of the greatest things about this record is that it is isn’t genre defining. There is no power metal, black metal or thrash metal wankery. This is an unadulterated metal band and it is definitely working to their favour. Warning: Bangovers may result.


Best Track: Shredding Sacred Flesh

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In A Word: Cataclysmic