Six incredible Australian gin distilleries to celebrate World Gin Day

Six incredible Australian gin distilleries to celebrate World Gin Day

For us, every day is World Gin Day. For mere mortals however, this Saturday June 11 is World Gin Day - a global celebration of all things gin.

World Gin Day coincides with the Queen’s Birthday long weekend (cheers Liz!) giving you plenty of time to recover from the day’s festivities. But while you may be tempted to simply down some Beefeater to celebrate the old Platinum Jubilee, a far superior option is to sample each and every one of the incredible distilleries this fine drinking nation has to offer.

To call them a cut above supermarket stock is an understatement, each one of these gins (and the distilleries that make them) are a life experience.

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Big Tree Distillery

  • Big Tree Distillery is a small batch gin distillery in the Macedon Ranges
  • Using a unique copper distiller, they create gins from home-grown botanicals and collected rainwater

With bottles as beautiful as the gin is, you’ll want to keep them long after the gin is gone.

Created by Catherine and Gary, a husband and wife team, Big Tree Distillery’s gin is distilled in the Macedon Ranges region of Victoria on Jack’s Springs Farm. They craft small batch Australian gins using the finest ingredients, from botanicals grown on their farm, foraged from their local neighbours or, where something more obscure is required, sourced by our gin-loving botanist. Featuring artwork by local artist Sarah Gabriel, with limited editions of each piece in the series, their bottles look beautiful on your shelf. Delicately distilled using collected, fresh rainwater, their gin is perfect to try on World Gin Day.

From their Elegant Dry Gin, to their Sloe Berry Gin to their Elderflower Gin Liqueur, there’s so much to try in the Big Tree range so you’re spoiled for choice of gins in celebration of World Gin Day. Head to their online store to buy a bottle of their delicious gin here.

Crafted from rainwater, Big Tree Distillery is the perfect gin to try this World Gin Day

Imbue Distillery

  • Independent distillery Imbue Distillery is celebrating World Gin Day on June 11
  • Use code BEATME for a special discount on their online store
  • Or for a free G&T from Wander North with Imbue – their tasting room in Ivanhoe

Celebrate World Gin Day on June 11 in a big way with Imbue Distillery and Beat.

Founded and produced in Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs, Imbue Distillery is the creation of Mel and Mick Sheard. Joined by good friends Luke and Nikki, the team at Imbue share a combined 60 years’ experience in Melbourne’s bustling food industry. Carefully sourcing their ingredients, Imbue Distillery blends a combination of locally abundant botanicals, as well as obscure and exotic flavours to push the boundaries and bring you both new and nostalgic experiences. With a focus on sustainability, they use all of their spent botanicals and citrus offcuts in their Full Circle Condiment range, reducing their environmental impact and adding extra dimension to your cocktails. Visit their website to purchase their gin by heading here.

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Envy Distilling

  • A small craft distillery, Envy Distilling are appearing at Heathcote on Show
  • A regional pop up tasting that runs from June 11 until June 13, it’s the perfect way to spend World Gin Day
  • With flavours inspired by and sourced from their local community, their gins are as unique as they are delicious

Envy Distilling are appearing at Heathcote on Show, a fabulous rural festival in Heathcote, making them the perfect gin to try this World Gin Day.

With every bottle representing more than just a simple spirit – Envy Distilling sources produce from their local community. Their spirits are inspired by a love for the traditional alembic methods. A small craft distillery run by partners in spirit distilling and life, Nathan and Vanessa (The ‘N’ and the ‘V’), Envy Distilling are putting on a regional pop-up tasting as part of Heathcote on Show from June 11 until June 13. Grab yourself a bottle of their gin by heading to their online store here.

Celebrate World Gin Day at Envy Distilling’s pop-up in Heathcote

Karu Distillery

Karu Distillery

  • Karu Distillery is a contemporary style spirit distillery located at the base of the Blue Mountains
  • Sourcing their botanicals from local small-scale farmers, they craft gin flavours based on their surroundings
  • Winners of some prestigious awards such as gold in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2019 and the International Wine and Spirits Competition in 2021, this is the perfect gin to try this World Gin Day

Created from ingredients from locally sourced, small-scale farmers, Karu Distillery’s award winning spirits are the perfect gin to try this World Gin Day. Producing contemporary style gin that’s inspired and modernised by the nature surrounding them, Karu Distillery was established by husband and wife team Nick and Ally in 2017. Ever since then, this locally run small batch distillery at the base of the Blue Mountains have been producing award-winning spirits made predominantly from local and home-grown ingredients.

Located in the stunning Devils Wilderness, New South Wales, the botanicals used to infuse their gins are predominantly sourced from local Australian small-scale farmers and producers in the Hawkesbury. Find a stockist in your area, or order some gin online, by heading to their website here.

Karu Distillery is serving award-winning gins this World Gin Day

The Craft & Co

  • The Craft & Co. are hosting a celebration of gin on World Gin Day
  • Taking place on June 11, The Craft & Co. are offering $11 off bottles of gin instore and online
  • They’re also offering $11 gin tasting paddles and $11 cocktails on the day

Located on Smith Street, The Craft & Co. is the perfect place to visit this World Gin Day on June 11.

Celebrating World Gin Day in a big way, The Craft & Co. are gifting everyone $11 off their bottles of gin, both online and at the cellar door on June 11 this year. With free shipping across Australia on orders over $100, you just have to use the promo code WORLDGINDAY at the online checkout to redeem. For those who drop into their distillery at 390 Smith St Collingwood, The Craft & Co has delicious gin tasting paddles and $11 gin cocktails for you to try. Check out their online store, where you can buy their signature gin, by heading here.

Celebrate World Gin Day in the heart of Collingwood at The Craft & Co.

Bass & Flinders Distillery

  • Bass & Flinders Distillery is hosting a weekend-long World Gin Day event
  • With tastings, G&Ts, mulled gin and more, it’s the perfect place for any gin lover
  • As Mornington Peninsula’s first distillery, Bass & Flinders also crafts brandy and liqueurs as well as artisanal gins

In celebration of World Gin Day, the Mornington Peninsula’s first distillery, Bass & Flinders Distillery, is hosting a four day gin tasting celebration over the Queen’s Birthday weekend.

Bass & Flinders Distillery are hosting three days of gin tastings, complete with live music and food trucks, making it the perfect place to spend a weekend at. Bass & Flinders Distillery are putting on a four day festival commencing on June 10 for World Gin Day. A global celebration of all things gin, World Gin Day takes place the second Saturday of June – ‘coincidentally’ coinciding with the Queen’s Birthday long weekend (cheers Liz!).

Perfect for gin lovers, celebrate World Gin Day at Bass & Flinders Distillery

To secure your table, or to find out more about the distillery, head here.

This article was made in partnership with the distelleries listed above.