Singles With Lachlan: Hi-Tec Emotions, Dune Rats & Pond

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Singles With Lachlan: Hi-Tec Emotions, Dune Rats & Pond


Single Of The Week

Hi-Tec Emotions : Look Around

This feels like a comprehensive overload, but at the same time, leaves you fangin’ for a whole lot more. A bit like the most cyclonic moments from Blank Realm, supercharged into blown-out extremes, Hi-Tec Emotions red-line it with energy and melody to alchemise a bit of pure gold.

Dune Rats : Who’s Scott Green

The punchline is in the title, so full credit for attempting to stretch the joke into a two-minute song. Riffs are passable, but the whole vibe seems like the band want to fight this Green fellow? Do they want to fight weed? Is this an anti-drug anthem? They want to take other people’s weed to destroy it? Have Dune Rats just pulled off a bait and switch, exposing themselves as 420 prohibitionists? The answer, quite simply, is who gives a shit.


Pond : 30000 Megatons

The pathos of Nick Allbrook’s recent solo output gets apocalyptic in this standalone cut from POND, threaded by a hauntingly disjointed synth melody, a harbinger of chaotic destruction. The coda of birds chirping is a pleasant touch.