Singles With Lachlan: Dirty Projectors, Fractures & More

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Singles With Lachlan: Dirty Projectors, Fractures & More


Single Of The Week

Dirty Projectors : Up In Hudson

Wasn’t on board with the first two tracks preceding the upcoming Dirty Projectors record, but I’m on board with this. Dave Longstreth addresses his band/relationship breakup directly, and has come up with a ripper tune as a result. Makes the best of what’s on offer, all the way to the gnarled beauty of an instrumental epilogue – when there’s nothing left to say.


Arcade Fire Ft Mavis Staples : I Give You Power

There are a lot of people in Arcade Fire. It’s kinda their thing. But this is a simple, acid-house-lite track that feels like it was whipped up by Win in a particular hurry. Mavis’s contributions are somewhat wasted here, especially when paired with Win’s unconvincing falsetto.

Gorillaz Ft Benjamin Clementine : Hallelujah Money

Feelin’ it. Gorillaz’ tracks tend to go either way, and the atmosphere here reflects both assurance and uncertainty, tinged with paranoia. Less a commentary on the current political state, more a meditation, devoid of false comfort.


Fractures : Lowcast

Mellow, Bonnie Bear vibes. A touch burdened by a lack of ambition, but it doesn’t fall short of what it sets out to achieve. Inoffensive, but there are worse ways to spend three minutes and 40 seconds.