Sidra Nissen and Caleb Wilson: Live at Southside

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Sidra Nissen and Caleb Wilson: Live at Southside

Caleb is a Melbourne based pianist, composer and bandleader. A student of the esteemed Timothy Young, he was the recipient of the 2022 Will Poskitt Piano Award and 2021 Agnes Robertson Piano Scholarship. Caleb is also a highly sought-after accompanist and educator and regularly appears alongside Melbourne’s finest artists at venues all across the city.

Sidra is a Melbourne based singer-songwriter who is also trained in classical music. When she’s not studying at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music Sidra plays at venues with esteemed jazz and contemporary musicians from across Melbourne. She was the 2021 recipient of the M.C Middleton scholarship from the University of Melbourne and also received the Bachelor of Music entrance scholarship in 2022. If you’re a fan of folk,indy and jazz with a surprise hint of classical music you’ll love seeing Sidra perform.