Sideshow Tattoos

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Sideshow Tattoos


534 Mount Alexander Rd, Ascot Vale (03) 9326 1264

Who are the current resident artists on staff?

Adam Keenan, Holly Saville, Rob Ting and Curran James.

Who are the current guest artists on staff?

Rowan Kennedy, Reece Saville and Alex Coles all work out of Sideshow when they are in the area… and yes… they are stupid nicknames


Do you accept walk-in’s?

We often have room for walk-ins but we don’t have a set day for them, it just ends up being luck of he draw.


Do you have an idiot tax? By that I mean if someone comes in with a bad attitude or a shitty idea do you charge them more?.

No, but they might not end up not getting tattooed

How do you diplomatically counsel someone with a really ugly tattoo idea?

If you don’t listen, you will probably end up with a really ugly tattoo. 

Face/hand/neck tattoos?

Go on?


Have you named your irons?

Sunbeam and Homemaker?


If tattooing was made illegal tomorrow what would you do for a living?


Have you won any awards?

Heavyweight Champions, I wouldn’t bother fact checking that if I were you.


What’s the longest session someone has done in the studio?

About 12 hours, we just couldn’t get the accordion player to stop.