Shimmery Burlesque Melbourne

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Shimmery Burlesque Melbourne

Shimmery invites you to Melbourne’s most glamorous night out; with thousands of rhinestones, over one hundred exclusive costumes, twenty dazzling Burlesque numbers, fifteen fabulous performers, and one Shimmery vision… to truly entertain you!

You will be whisked away into a world of vintage tease, in a sparkling atmosphere with costuming of pure opulence. This is set to be an unforgettable experience, with Burlesque acts you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

In a cheeky tribute to the history of Shimmery Couture, the show follows the life of Lady Shimmery; an artist and designer who finds herself immersed in costuming for Cabaret. The story begins in Lady Shimmery’s workroom, inspired by the romance of old-fashioned dressing rooms. The stage adorned with sewing machines, dressing tables and mirrors… the costumes glistening with rhinestones, feathers and tassels. You are then swept into the second half of the show, into a vintage French garden with parasols, park benches, fountains and painters. The show is set in the city of Paris, which has been a main influence in Lady Shimmery’s life and art, and the place she first fell in love with the art of Burlesque.