She Wrote the Letter

She Wrote the Letter

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Tues – Sat: 7:30pm
Sat: 2:00pm
Sun: 4:00pm

She Wrote the Letter” is a new Australian play based on an unlikely, long-lasting real friendship between Ute from East Germany and Tania from New Zealand – two women who maintained a 30-year committed pen relationship across language and cultural barriers, and through the collapse of communism. Their correspondence began in 1979 when they were just teenagers. And now, a play based on their letters, will star one of the women in a dramatic retelling of her own story.

Written by prolific Melbourne playwright, Kieran Carroll, in a collaboration with award-winning director Cathy Hunt, the play is drawn from correspondence that begins from a series of youthful letters navigating the difficult East-West divide, before drawing us into complex family lives over decades.

Throughout all the political changes and shifts, and the evolution of their own lives, Ute and Tania maintain a loving connection and a longing to see each other’s countries. Performed by Tania McNaughton as herself, with Maria Nordenberg as Ute.

This play offers audiences a chance to contemplate what matters most as our younger and older selves, what stays the same, and which of our early dreams we have fulfilled. It values the friendship women can offer each other, as a way of navigating some of the many complexities of life.

She Wrote the Letter is based on a genuine experience through an incredible time in history.

Don’t miss the premiere of this enthralling, funny, joyous, and heart-warming new Australian play.

Written by: Kieran Carroll
Directed by Cathy Hunt
Performed by: Tania McNaughton and Maria Nordenberg