Seekae @ Vivid LIVE, Sydney Opera House

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Seekae @ Vivid LIVE, Sydney Opera House


+DOME, Seekae’s immaculate 2011 release, never really got the recognition it deserved. But I suppose when we’re dealing with glitchy IDM electronica, the record probably ended up punching above its weight in the Australian music arena. Tonight at the Opera House, we witnessed a transformation that will transpose Seekae into the next echelon – one that will hopefully result in a deserved widespread acknowledgement.

The opening portion of the set was supplemented with an eight-piece string section. The symphonic touch is hardly breaking any new ground, but the organic lushness complemented the harsh electronica elements to a stunning effect. All the while, the three unassuming lads from Seekae threw each other wry smiles, dutifully noting the somewhat ridiculous magnitude of the setting.

After the evening’s string-adorned component closed, the performance took an unexpected turn. While we were sold on the premise of the orchestral, Seekae utilised the setting to debut a collection of tracks featuring vocals. Turns out these dudes can actually sing. Building upon their post-dubstep qualities, the new works are comparable to those of James Blake and Chet Faker.

After showcasing the new material, the band moved into their familiar formation to perform some of +DOME’s standout cuts. It says something when one simple, glitched tone can instigate a flurry of whoops and whistles – as was the case when the flawless 3 began.

There they were, three dudes and their sound machines utilising the Opera House theatre’s PA to full effect, trying to hold back their smiles. Tonight Seekae ruled the country’s most iconic venue. Next stop, the world.

Ambling down the stairs into Circular Quay I looked around at Harbour Bridge, at MCA, and up at the sails. Everything was illuminated, everything was amazing. There was definitely something special happening in Sydney that week.



LOVED: The sound quality was breathtaking.

HATED: Being confined to a seat when the urge to dance kicked in.

DRANK: A smuggled bottle of wine. Classy.