Section 8’s free queer party ‘Hella Queen’ is the event to be at this Halloween

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Section 8’s free queer party ‘Hella Queen’ is the event to be at this Halloween

Section 8

Section 8 are hosting an event on Monday October 31 that showcases the vibrant LGBTQIA+ community and the performers that are very much a part of it.

Aptly entitled Hella Queen, the afternoon and evening of performances will feature energetic and vivacious showcases of burlesque, ballroom and live hip-hop, with DJ’s filling in the gaps.

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Unfolding on the eve of a public holiday, a night of festivities is inevitable which will be all but guaranteed by the likes of headliners MC Jamaica Moana, local Pasifika underground artist Julai, Internationally recognised burlesque performer Gina Stirling and Red Bull Dance Your Style 2021 Australian award winner Tony Oxybel.

Commencing at 3pm and running until late the rest of the bill is filled out by a cluster of local Naarm/Melbourne based DJs – MzRizk, Top Hun, 3rd Orbit, Gay Roberto & Chaotiic Good.


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Despite not having shared a stage with all the other artists before, headliner Julai is anticipating a show that could feature on-stage and premiere collaborations with the other performers. However, in order to find out attendance is a must.

“I have not [performed with them all before],” says Julai. “[But] this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve shared the floor/stage with Jamaica Moana or Tony Oxybel. However, I do know a few of them personally and have seen them do their thing on stage/live and I’m a big fan. Love me some Jamaica Moana and Tony Oxybel. [If you want to see how it unfolds] I guess you’ll just have to be there to find out.”

Entry is free to Hella Queen which only adds to the allurement of being a part of the audience that will bear witness to a unique show brimming with talent.

There will also be an event specific cocktail menu curated by Absolut Vodka and Headline Acts, as well as a Best Dressed prize pack gifted by Naarm/Melbourne not-for-profit and community-minded streetwear label Homie.

Notwithstanding, it will be the display of performative art that will be the true centre of the event. With Julai having just released a maiden single in the middle of this year to an exceedingly positive response, there will undoubtedly be a plethora of unreleased material being showcased. 

“The response on ‘BADDIE BTTMS’ has been such a blessing for me personally,” says Julai. “The amount of placements it had, two major ones being ComplexAU and ACCLAIM, were two crossroads I didn’t anticipate, so I’m extremely grateful. Even having the community and more come through to support my live shows chanting, ‘Wear his name on my chain, so he know he with the Baddest’, and ‘Come grab it, Daddy come grab it’, ugh! It’s seriously music to my ears.”


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“I will most definitely be showcasing unreleased music! Ima be giving you a show baby, that’s all you need to know. Give me a cute budget, and I’ll give you a CUTE show.”

This mentality stems from the identification Julai has with being an artist and the desire to share that with a crowd that is supportive.

“Give the fam that comes to support something new and fresh to take in and leave with. I’m an Artist, I always have something to say and a community to liberate.”

Following on from a lively performance at an Open Seen event, Hella Queen is set to be another step towards expanding Julai’s show. 

“You can definitely expect the magic from the Open Seen event,” says Julai. “PLUS MORE! I’m constantly looking to elevate my live performances every time.”

And Hella Queen seems the perfect event for Julai to perform as such given the significance it holds within the LGBTQIA+ community in Naarm/Melbourne but also Australia wide. 

“Hella Queen is 110% a significant event,” says Julai. “Any event holding space for the LGBTQIA+ community, especially QIPOC, has a special place in my heart. It’s important to me that I’m sharing a stage with other QIPOC sharing our stories, experiences, and expression. I specifically want my (QUEER) PASIFIKA community to feel represented and liberated, and to be an example for them to take up space and disrupt status quo.”

With Hella Queen being housed at Section 8, a venue vastly renowned and highly respected around Naarm/Melbourne, it is hard to see anything but empowerment manifesting out of performances that will feature throughout the day. 

Expect a high-octane day of dance that will send you into the public holiday full of satisfaction. Find out more by heading here.