Scarlett Cook

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Scarlett Cook

Unconventional, heavy, classical, grunge, goth, pianist, singer, Scarlett Cook launches her long awaited debut album ‘Requiem for the Earth’. A collection of her finest environmental, political, and philosophical works all underpinned by themes of mourning for injustice. Injustice of the Earth, of nature, of the underdogs, of women and of the heart. Drawing influence and kinship with the likes of Tori Amos, Philip Glass, Nirvana and Tool, this is some of her most heaviest, percussive, dramatic and cinematic work on the piano, which will also feature cello accompaniment on the night by Carolyn Gannell.

This will be an album launch that will prove worth the wait and the first show of Scarlett’s since her recent performances in New York and New Zealand. The night will be kicked off by alternative post-punk/new wave 3 piece, The Unbelievable Truth. An evening seriously not to be missed!