Sarah Blasko @ St Michael’s Uniting Church

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Sarah Blasko @ St Michael’s Uniting Church


Did you know that St Michael’s Uniting Church has been in its current location on Collins St since 1866? I didn’t. In fact, I hadn’t ever been inside it before tonight. But what better way to explore its magnificence than a night at Heavenly Sounds, featuring the one and only Sarah Blasko. I’m also happy to admit I hadn’t seen the Sydney songstress perform live before either. But my Lord (pun very much intended) did I get swept up in the beauty of both Blasko and the church. Accompanied by two parts of her trusty band, on guitar and piano respectively, Blasko swept us all away with her incredible voice, the honesty and vulnerability of her words and the sheer beauty of her music. And as she did, I was struggling to recall the last time I saw a performer hit every single note with such precision, such brilliance.

Blasko treated us to a selection of songs from her back catalogue but Sleeper Awake was the highlight for this scribe. It’s thumping rhythms reverberating around the church, taking advantage of the brilliant natural acoustics. She also delighted us with her quirky dance moves (which created giant silhouettes against the church’s walls), and her in between song chatter (more than a couple of times she had the entire audience in hysterics). The beauty of the church combined with the beauty of the music made seeing someone such as Sarah Blasko in this kind of setting a truly exhilarating experience. And boy did we fall head over heels. Male, female, it didn’t matter – you just can’t help but fall slightly in love with Sarah Blasko and her music.

One dude in the audience felt perhaps more strongly than most when on more than one occasion, he yelled out from the top balcony that he loved her and wanted to have her children. We all, Blasko included, giggled a little and looked away awkwardly. The band then quickly played on and we all fell a little in love again.




Loved: Sarah Blasko.

Hated: There was no room for hate tonight.

Drank: Nothing – it’s a church hey.