Sanctuary: Sanctuary Suite

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Sanctuary: Sanctuary Suite

Submit to the ethereal magnetism of music.

A sonic exploration of reflective, thoughtful and meditative music, Sanctuary presents an afternoon of aural delight in the sonorous Elisabeth Murdoch Hall. Featuring an incredible array of artists, audiences are encouraged to drift in and out of the program as they feel, engaging with the space and wide-ranging soundscapes.

Sanctuary is an escape from the brisk winter weather where audiences can bask in the warmth and nurturing ambience of live music. A time to reflect, connect and submit to the ethereal magnetism of music.

Featuring performances from Lady Lash, Zoe Knighton, Nick Tsiavos, Mindy Meng Wang & Paul Grabowsky, and Nat Bartsch & Luke Howard.

Sanctuary invites you to rejoice in the wonderful contrast of live music experiences – the quiet insular moments and the shared sense of community and belonging. A special musical journey to reenergise, reflect and take comfort.

First Nations programming by Neil Morris.