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Saltare is taking over the Toff in Town for another exciting night of hard, grooving and energetic techno. We’re excited to bring you our first event of 2024 with a new lineup of incredible artists and our hosts ready to take the night on!

CYBERNET Fuser of Progressive Trance, 90’s Goa and Breaks, the incredibly talented Naarm DJ and producer Cybernet draws heavy influence from the 90’s and 00’s era is both his DJ sets and production which creates a rich and emersive sound to keep his audience entangled in the psychedelic hints of his music.

Throughout his relatively short but productive career, he has released music on labels such as GODDEZZ (UK) and Meganesia (AU). However, Cybernet’s most notable work has was his ‘Druid’ EP on Gestalt Records (EE) – the increasingly influential label run by Steffan Todorović (Abdul Raeva) in Estonia.

@planet10010 is a DJ and Producer in Naarm who has become known for his blend of upbeat melodie’s with a darker side of trance, occasionally influenced by reggaetón, 90s rave and trance. PLANET100 is the perfect mix of blissful trance, heavy grooving bass lines and tribal percussions.

Celebrating sounds from around the planet, he aims to evoke the feeling of being teleported straight into a dance ritual that will have you hypnotised and body shaken.

@lostmemories_au is a three-piece Melbourne-based band that creates dance music by fusing live instruments and electronic production. Their sound is a blend of house, breaks and techno which comprises deep groovy basslines and hypnotic synths, carried by an airy female vocal and vibrant guitar leads. The result is an ethereal sonic landscape that holds the delicate balance between analogue and electronic music.

The band’s next release “Feelings” with X&Y Records features a genre blend of House and Breakbeat. The lyrics, adorned with imagery of vast oceans and clouds in the sky, serve as a metaphor for the complex tapestry of emotions that can overwhelm our inner worlds. The song takes its listeners on a journey from start to finish, perfectly showcasing the band’s artistry and their ability to create music that connects with both the body and mind.

@dj.yuliakasa – With an unwavering passion for deep, dark and hypnotic, Yulia Kasa provides her listeners with an incredible experience through her selection of raw techno tracks. Based in Melbourne, Kasa has played solo at My Aeon, KISS FM and Lucky Coq, as well being part of the duo where she has played at Revolver, New Guernica and Brown Alley.

@fadr_music.melb – Co-organiser of Saltare, FADR has proved himself to be a source of hard hitting, industrial/ rave tracks. Playing at our past events and doofs, FADR has put his own twist of a core sound of the underground scene and we’re so keen to see what he dishes up at the Toff

@bailey_fisch – A talented, multi-genre producer and DJ, FISCH has supported the likes of Rory Marshall and Needs No Sleep at venues all across town. No set is quite the same with FISCH as his abilities transpire each time he jumps on the decks and we look forward to seeing what he has in store for us!