SADAS: A Meeting of Cultures

SADAS: A Meeting of Cultures

Sadas is a meeting of two creative individuals and the sum of the artistic influences shaping their practice. They represent a formidable blend of classical knowledge honed in India, technical mastery and musical boldness.

Join Bhairavi and Nanthesh as they explore traditional Carnatic music repertoires and original Carnatic-inspired compositions and improvisations, conversing in a musical language that disrupts pre-existing labels and pushes boundaries.

With hundreds of performances to their names locally and internationally, they are at the forefront of their musical practice, and look forward to sharing their music with you.

Tempo Rubato is a live classical music venue and bar in Brunswick. All the venue’s profits go to Piano Project, a Melbourne charity that supports projects that provide access to music education.

Bar open from 7pm. Music at 8pm.