Ryland Newstead & The MCGs

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Ryland Newstead & The MCGs

Bar Open

Hold your horses: RYLAND NEWSTEAD AND THE MCGS (CANBERRA) are playing their first ever Melbourne show and it promises to go off, so to speak.

Not content with becoming the hottest Canberra based, five-piece rock/alt/rock/psych/punk/rock band of early 2023, Ryland Newstead and the MCGs are travelling south to spread good vibes and sell some merchandise.

They released their first recording earlier this year (The Live At The Polo Live EP), with promises of More To Come When We Have Saved Up Cash For Studio Time.

But continue holding onto those horses: opening the show is the debut of APRIL’S GUEST (MELBOURNE).

A side project from Dylan Baddeley (Kitschen Boy), April’s Guest are so new they don’t even have words for this sentence.

There will also be SOME FRIENDS OF OURS ON ACOUSTIC GUITAR (CITY) to round out what will be a gig for the ages.