Russell Brand In Oz

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Russell Brand In Oz


Comedian Russel Brand is touring Aus in April to promote his new movie, Arthur.

 You may remember him from such movies as Get Him To The Greek or Forgetting Sarah Marshall – or perhaps you’re more of a fan of his stand-up comedy… yes yes, you guessed it! He is Russell Brand, the funny, quirky, Jesus-lookin Brit and he is about to tour our land.

Brand is flying it to Sydney to promote his new movie Arthur, where he will play Arthur Bach – a role which had Brand shave off his messiah-esque beard.

Arthur is a remake of the 1981 classic which starred Lisa Minelli and John Gielgud. It’s a story set in Manhattan (NYC) with the hero, Arthur, being a spoilt playboy and heir to a fortune that he will only receive through an arranged and loveless marriage (with Susan, played by Jennifer Garner). But alas, he loves another – Naomi,  played by Greta Gerwig. If he marries her, his grand fortune is at stake. What/who will he choose? 

Arthur also has a nanny, played by the Oscar-winning Helen Mirren, who constantly tells him what to do.

The script is written by Peter Baynham (who wrote the storyline for Borat and Bruno) and directed by Jason Winer (who won the 2010 Directors Guild Award). Also, the original Arthur is number 10 on Bravo’s, 100 Funniest Movies. So keeping all this in mind and then popping Russel Brand’s delivery on top of it, it’s hard to not look forward to this rendition. 

Brand’s tour in Sydney will take place somewhere in mid April.

 Watch the trailer down here.