Rosario De Marco & The United World Music Project meets Sole e Alma

Rosario De Marco & The United World Music Project meets Sole e Alma

Wesley Anne

Rosario De Marco and Sol e Alma an evening of exploration with music through joy, suffering, love, rememberance, and hope that will take you on your soul journey ignite your heart with passion and unlock the keys to your hidden treasure within.

Rosario De Marco




Rosario De Marco is a gifted musician and composer. A master guitarist who also has the capacity to compose. His music captures the warmth and passion of the Southern European lands, taking elements from jazz, classical, folk and popular music. Mediterranean Sound with No Borders Solo guitar music, original composition, Rosario has performed live as well as for national TV and radio. He has released a number of CDs, including “Light and Shadows”,“Roots” and “Intuition”. Successful performances include as support act for Omara Portuendo (Buena Vista Social Club), and Ladysmith Black Mambazo at the Melbourne Concert Hall.


Sol e Alma



‘Sol e Alma’, Sun and Soul, perform Brazilian Choro from the heart of the Brazilian homeland. From Chiquinha Gonzaga & Pixinguinha to Toninho Ferragutti and Pedro Paes, this style of music invokes nostalgia, fun, energy and drive and captures the essence and heartbeat of the Brazilian spirit and soul. Sol e Alma recently launched their debut album at the Paris Cat Jazz Club in April and have captivated audiences with their infectious spirit and sonorous melodies. Head to the album website for digital and physical purchase or the Facebook page for more details.