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Rock The Bay Vs


That’s right – continuing our Rock The Bay versus series of throwing two bands from the lineup into a wet hessian sack, here’s local heavy-rock heroes Engine Three Seven and Bellsuira duking it out.

That’s right – continuing our Rock The Bay versus series of throwing two bands from the lineup into a wet hessian sack, here’s local heavy-rock heroes Engine Three Seven and Bellsuira duking it out.


What’s the inspiration behin d the lyrics for the latest EP Atmosphere ?

"I dedicated more time to the lyrics for Atmosphere than I have for any other project thus far. I wanted each track to have its own story, but at the same time, leave enough room for the listener’s interpretation."

How did you enjoy your tour in New Zealand last year?

"Our wee trip of NZ was absolutely awesome. It had been a while since the boys and I had hit the road together and we hit it pretty hard. Of course the highlight was catching up with you guys in Auckland and truly showing the Kiwis how a throng of Aussie musos tear up a venue!"

Is it true that you like to get your gear off occasionally when around friends, or at New Years functions?

"I’m not sure where you hear these crazy rumours. I like to get my gear off as often as possible social functions. Pigeon-holing me into only creating nudity based on awkward moments at any one particular style of event is simply ridiculous and downright offensive."

What are the plans this year for Engine?

"We’ve been in hiding for a few months, jamming and working on our show. We really cant say too much but some big announcements coming up. Keep your eyes and ears on"

W hat would an alternative career choice have been for you?

"I can’t vouch for the other three lads (although I’m sure Shane is still trying for ‘pornstar’), but I was actually studying to be a kindergarten teacher throughout high school. Somehow, somewhere… something went very wrong."

Please explain what "Biddley Boh" means?

"It’s an old Hebrew expression which came to be pronounced ‘Biddily Boh’. Both scholars and well noted linguists alike, maintain that its original pronunciation was ‘Bing Boddily Biddliy Baaaa’ but over the ages became abbreviated into that familiar term, ‘Boh’."


How did you come up with the concept for your latest film clip?

"We brainstormed ideas as a band; we wanted a setting of the world being demolished and ruined, as the idea behind the lyrics was that – even if the world was ending – all that was really important were the relationships you build here. We’ve gone through quite a profound stage of spiritual awakening which is what the orbs represent metaphorically. We decided to give the film crew our dream idea of a film clip imagining we have no budget. All but one minor idea was actually used which blew our minds and they added to our ideas giving it a Tank Girl-esque theme."

You recently had a lineup change. Has this changed the dynamic of the band?

"Since our lineup change last year the band has evolved into something else entirely, I’ve never had the pleasure of working with four other members that work so well together, have the same passion for music, and great respect for one another. That’s resonating in the music we are writing now. Sadly Adam our drummer had his last show with us in January due to illness: he will be greatly missed but still our best bud. Luckily we have found an awesome replacement. If you haven’t seen Bellusira for a while, wipe out what you knew the band as before and come and check us out at Rock The Bay!"

What are your rehearsals generally like?

"We have set times planned out a month in advance. We have built a studio out the back of our house, so almost every day we are either working on writing our album or rehearsing for the tour."

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

"Work with people you love and respect and have the same passion and commitment as you do. Music is a powerful and magical tool, make music for the right reasons and not for your ego."

What can one expect from Bellusira at Rock The Bay this March 12?

"New tunes, new drummer, slicker production, visual animation, full lighting show, and our most rounded set to date."

Both BELLUSIRA and ENGINE THREE SEVEN play ROCK THE BAY when it returns to The Espy on Labour Day long weekend Saturday March 12 – alongside Barbarion, Sydonia, The Beards, Electric Horse, New Skinn, Tim McMillan Band, Redcoats, Alba Varden, Xenograft, Don Fernando, The Khyber Belt and heaps more. Tickets are on sale now from, The Espy, Polyester Records, Missing Link, Fist 2 Face, Greville Records and The Nash (Geelong). Check out for more info.