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Continuing our Rock The Bay versus series of pitting two bands from the lineup against each other, here’s local rock tykes New Skinn and Kiwi peeps Decortica.

Continuing our Rock The Bay versus series of pitting two bands from the lineup against each other, here’s local rock tykes New Skinn and Kiwi peeps Decortica.


Tory! Or Jester? Which do you prefer? Straight off the bat, There will be no sheep jokes… I promise. Congratulations on your Love Hotel album and Decortica tearing it up in New Zealand. Are you looking forward to Rock the Bay?

"Jester. Thanks, man – glad you dig the record. Looking forward to rocking the shit out of The Espy and catching all these sweet bands."

You’ve recently played shows with our good friends Bellusira and E37! How does the Australian/Melbourne music scene stack up on your side of the world? And more importantly… who’d win in a street fight?

"Have you seen the haka? Love the progressive elements in Melbourne rock bands. Both bands were great to hang with – not to mention drinking with E37. Get those boys in front of a camera and you’ve got magic."

There will be a lot of people at Rock The Bay that haven’t seen you guys play before. What can punters expect from a Decortica show?

"Our live sound is faithful to the records and we’re pretty loud for a three-piece. We go balls deep."

You guys have an epic sound. What elements/influences do you guys bring together to make this sound?

"We just look for contrasts and drama which is why we love writing in an alt/prog rock vein. Throw a little awesome at each other, try not to cross the streams."

What is it, do you think, about Decortica that attracts people?

"Chick bass player."

Do you have any rituals or preparations before hitting the stage? What don’t you leave home without when heading out on the road/stage?

"An ’80s playlist and home-baked cookies."

And finally, What’s next for you and the Decortica?! A Christmas album? Rehab? What are you working towards?

"A shitload more international touring. We’ve got some new tracks on the go. Pretty excited about the year ahead."


New Skinn is pretty cerebral. If you were a David Lynch film, which would you be?

"It would have to be The Elephant Man! While we haven’t seen Phil naked before we imagine it going down a bit like that – ‘I am not an animal!’"

You guys dig riffs. What are your top 3 riffs by other bands?

"Yikes… So many to choose from! I’m gonna be selfish and say some bass riffs. Muse: Hysteria All-time favorite bass line. Guitar0wise I’d have to go Breaking Benjamin’s Follow… Simple, but just screams at me. And pretty much any riff off Karnivool’s Themata… Especially the actually song."

Chino, Maynard or Cedric?

"Chino all the way. The man looks like someone just caught one his organs in the back row while he’s screaming and then he keeps going! Phenomenal vocalist!"

How has the Melbourne rock scene evolved since you’ve been active? Who’s the up-and-coming talent?

"There is so much great talent in Melbourne. Bands like Engine Three Seven, Bellusira, Twelve Foot Ninja, Sydonia, Sleepa, Bronson and so many more are doing great things. These days, you can’t just have good songs… you need to be firing on all cylinders, put on great shows and putting your fans first."

What’s next for you creatively? Further down the rock rabbit hole or something else?

"We’re constantly writing new stuff. Always looking to add new aspects. Whether it be something to add to the live show or to new songs… As long as it’s fun to play then we’re happy. All four of us have very different influences that we bring to the band. Sometimes a song can go through a dozen transformations from rock, to metal to an acoustic ballad… It just depends on what’s best for the song."

What keeps people coming back to New Skinn shows?

"A tight, big, high energy show… I personally refuse to stand still on stage. That and I think everyone is waiting for me and Greco to make out on stage We’re like a zoo exhibit during mating season… you just have to come and watch… and more often than not, people like what they hear and see. We have a lot of fun and I think the fans see that and enjoy it more. I’m sure someone will get naked eventually."

In your opinion, what’s the Australian market like for rock?

"I may be a little unpopular for this but I feel that rock has taken a back seat to pop and dance music on the radio. The Melbourne live scene is the strongest it’s been in years and it’s time that these great bands that have worked so hard to make a name for themselves to get the recognition they deserve. While we all love playing and writing music, we all put so much time, effort and money into our crafts that it’s a real kick in the face when you hear some of the crap that ends up on the radio! But… I’ll never, ever stop playing."

ROCK THE BAY returns to The Espy on Labour Day long weekend (Saturday March 12). With over 30 amazing acts sweating it out over The Espy’s three rooms it features Barbarion, Sydonia, Bellusira, Tim McMillan Band, Engine Three Seven, The Beards, Redcoats, Electric Horse, Alba Varden, Xenograft, Don Fernando, The Khyber Belt, Fare Evader, and heaps more. Tickets from, The Espy, Polyester Records, Missing Link, Fist 2 Face, Greville Records and The Nash (Geelong). Check out for more info.