Robots in Love

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Robots in Love

Three bands. All of them dancey, energetic and dark, so wrap yourself up in your coolest black outfits and immerse yourself into the late-night club vibe.

Robots in Love infuse intense emotion into electronic music. Their unique sound combines heavy guitar and drums with layers of synths and sub-bass and melodic vocals from Elenor Rayner (Sobriquet, The Crystalline Effect). Elenor will be joined on the night by guitarist Mik Thornley and Carlos on drums.

Death of Art are a female fronted dark electronic rock act fused with elements of classical and heavy rock. With a live performance that is confronting and captivating, you’ll be mesmerised by the unexpected powerful voice and presence that comes from such a petite lead singer. Their engaging songs are about empowerment and overcoming self-sabotage.

DevilMonkey are irreverent and boisterous, and lots of fun. You’ll be bouncing off the walls.
Added to the mix, the incomparable DJ Dan Brunswick, with his intuitive knack playing the right track at the right time.