Rice Paper Sister is the Asian-inspired gem you need to try

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Rice Paper Sister is the Asian-inspired gem you need to try


Best friends since four years old, they grew up through primary and high school together in beach-side Sydney, and realised their dream of putting their own twist on the South-East Asian culinary scene when they opened Rice Paper Scissors back in 2013.

It’s been less than a month since their latest venture Rice Paper Sister opened its doors to the world. It’s a refined experience, but it retains the same fire and ardour of its predecessors – all about that simple tapas charm of picking up food and sharing with friends. You can still use your hands. After all, it’s how fun food is meant to be eaten.

The collision of Asian tradition with modern Australian style creates some truly unique and delicious moments. If you’re after a light snack, consider the black sesame wafer topped with fresh swimmer crab, crab roe mayonnaise and black caviar.

A classic Northern Thai tartare adds a special zing when made with the rich delight of kangaroo, chilli, fresh herbs, roasted rice and burnt eggplant dressing. There’s sashimi with sustainable hiramasa kingfish, drizzled with white soy, fermented rice vinegar and yuzu for a truly tender taste – and a Balinese “babi guling” suckling pig roast comes complete with “lawar” young jackfruit salad and flaky roti.

If you’re after a cocktail, you’ll experience the same fusion of old ways and new journeys. You can’t go past a rejuvenating cucumber margarita, or a Lemongrass Tom Collins. The Chiang Mai Bloody Mary offers vodka, lemon, spicy Chiang Mai relish, togorashi salt and tomato. Malay Medicine thrills with house-mande galangal beer, mixed in amontillado sherry and a px sherry float, and fans of a real kick can’t beat El Chaperol – with the hit of chilli-infused aperol, passionfruit and lemongrass-infused gin. It may be young, but Rice Paper Sister is already carving a dynamic new path with its fresh, emerging personality.