Review: Joel Creasey’s ‘Drink. Slay. Repeat’ is whip-smart and unbearably funny

Review: Joel Creasey’s ‘Drink. Slay. Repeat’ is whip-smart and unbearably funny


Joel Creasey is Australia’s golden boy of comedy and Drink. Slay. Repeat is a prime example of why. He’s not afraid to get a bit cheeky, share some gossip and dive into personal anecdotes with humour and charm. He’s a rapid-fire storyteller with energy that captivates the audience and leaves no dull moment in his wake.

Creasey starts his show by describing how some comedians take on worldly issues or have a clever political agenda — but not his. No, what he’s going to offer instead is just “to call celebrities moles for an hour”.

The seasoned comedian commands the audience’s attention and offers waves of laughter in return. Through his fast-moving anecdotes, he takes the crowd through his beef with Meghan Markle, getting high at his nan’s wake, his boyfriend discovering his psychic abilities, being awarded an Order of Merlin by J.K Rowling, his interview with Kylie Minogue and having a hand in getting a police officer fired. Of course, these stories are all sprinkled with tidbits of juicy gossip and a sharp wit that brings the audience to its knees.

The crowd never goes silent as Creasey offers up a constant platter of clever and well-timed humour. He doesn’t take time setting up his jokes but delivers them fast and hot, inserting as many as possible into his hour set. His closing story comes before you know it, it seems time really does fly when Creasey is having his fun.

Keeping the promise he made at the start of the show, he serves up gossip from behind the curtain of his life in the spotlight. Creasey has pop culture and celebrity references coming out of his ears. If you’re not down with all of them, don’t worry, he won’t leave you behind.

In line with his nine previous shows over the years at the festival, Drink. Slay. Repeat is extremely personal. He might be talking about the world of celebrities and a level of fame us mere normies aren’t privy to, but he inserts himself in the very centre of each story. His likeability and charm amplify his classic self-deprecating humour.

Creasey doesn’t simply talk to this audience but truly performs for them. He’s here to give a show and that’s exactly what his audience is going to get. Right from the get-go, he’ll make you feel like you’re in on an exclusive party where he’s in charge and your only job is to have a good time.

He’s a master of his craft and a damn good performer. When you’re in the audience of a Joel Creasey show, you’re in safe, well-manicured hands.

Highlight: Finally getting the low down on what went down with him and Meghan Markle.

Lowlight: That we all now have beef with Meghan Markle.

Crowd favourite: When he makes Geelong the butt of his jokes. With his rise in fame, it’s nice to know something so close to home still tickles him and makes him laugh.

By Marnie Vinall