Renowned Warrnambool busker Anton Cleary has a new album on the way

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Renowned Warrnambool busker Anton Cleary has a new album on the way

Photo by The Standard

The highly sought-after street performer will release his new record, Deliverance, on May 10.

Following a series of life changes, Warrnambool-based musician, street performer and radio presenter, Anton Cleary, is gearing up to release his seventh album, Deliverance. 

Having retired from his day job at the Australian Taxation Office before relocating from Melbourne to Victoria’s far south-west coast, it seems Cleary’s creative juices have been flowing.

Cleary picked up the guitar after leaving the ATO in 2014 and he hasn’t looked back since. Dedicating hours each day to learning to play, it wasn’t long before he began busking professionally.

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Now, you’ll find him busking in the streets of Warrnambool three days a week, as well as semi-regular appearances in Melbourne’s CBD and parts of Sydney, Adelaide and the Gold Coast.

On top of his regular street performances, Cleary has released a whopping five albums since dropping his debut record in early 2019, with Deliverance set to follow on Monday May 10.

“I basically barricaded myself in my studio for the duration of the lockdown and wrote, wrote, wrote,” he told Forte last month. “I came out of lockdown a better musician than I was before it.”

Harkening back to the golden era of punk and rock, Cleary’s electric guitar-led compositions are bursting with power and pure passion. A self-described guitar obsessive, his driving riffs and melodic prowess are certain to excite on his forthcoming release.

Deliverance is out on Monday May 10. Keep up with Anton Cleary on Facebook