Remi Wolf has announced her Australian debut tour for 2023

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Remi Wolf has announced her Australian debut tour for 2023

Remi Wolf

She's taking her critically acclaimed album 'Juno' on the road.

With a reputation as a fierce live performer, Remi Wolf has sold out rooms around the world and garnered praise from fans and critics alike. Catch her when she performs at the Forum in Melbourne on January 5. She’ll also be appearing at Beyond The Valley, Wildlands and Field Day this December and January.

Remi Wolf Australia and New Zealand tour

  • January 5 – Forum, Melbourne
  • January 6 – Enmore Theatre, Sydney
  • January 10 – Powerstation, Auckland
  • January 11 – San Fran, Welling ton
  • Also playing at Beyond the Valley, Wildlands and Field Day

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“Before I really fell in love with writing, I loved performing,” says Remi. “That’s always been my home base, it lights something up in my soul that is never lit up at any other time in my life. It’s a very powerful thing — the most expressive I feel like I will ever get.”

Making waves with her 2019 track ‘Guy’, Wolf garnered attention from indie-pop darling Still Woozy and scored a spot opening on their tour. Three critically acclaimed EP’s followed – You’re A Dog, I’m Allergic To Dogs and We Love Dogs!— mostly created in makeshift studios with her co-producer Jared Soloman and limited gear.


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Apple would later recruit Wolf to soundtrack an iPhone commercial, and she’d receive major co-signs from the likes of Olivia Rodrigo, SZA, John Mayer, Dominic Fike and more.

Her euphoric live set is an experience to behold, the 26-year-old talking candidly about mental health, sobriety, social anxiety and more, but turning it into a celebration and exuding absolute star power.

Tickets go on sale this Friday from 12 noon local time. Grab them when they go on sale by heading here.