Reggae and Bass with Ras Jahknow Band

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Reggae and Bass with Ras Jahknow Band

A celebration of two of the best Reggae bands in Australia, both of which are destined to make a mark on the global reggae scene. Supported by Shottaz, who will be backed by a live band for the first time ever.

Meet our headliners: Ras Jahknow Band – Ras Jahknow blazes new soul and fresh rhythms into what is described best as culturally rich, roots reggae music. Passionate vocals in English and Creole weave through the diverse native sounds from the African island nation of Cape Verde, Brazil, Tanzania and Mauritius to Australia. The band embodies a vision of unity, respect and peace, built on the foundation of irresistible, reggae rhythms.

The Push Reggae Band – A modern reggae band heavily geared towards all people looking for lots of roots and culture. The band is well known for having a heavy creole influence. Founded in 2012 by Bass player Daniel Gabriel and lead vocalist Darrel Belle from the Seychelles Islands, the multicultural scene is their natural home as they effortlessly blend creole vibes with traditional roots reggae sounds.

Supported by: Shottaz – A Melbourne based Afro Dancehall group is made up of vocalists/MCs Hlats and Max Shotta. The group have built themselves a reputation of delivering hard hitting lyrics combined with energetic live performances. The duo have a diverse sound ranging from strong party/dance floor ready anthems to deep contemplative songs based on their vast life experiences.

Faboo and Lego (DJ sets) – Faboo and Lego are stalwarts of the Melbourne Reggae scene being major contributors for over 15 years. Their long- running reggae/dancehall night, Boombasstick, was a pinnacle of live music and positive vibrations which was hosted at the iconic Sub Club. Faboo also runs Alley Tunes, a haven for music lovers and record collectors, and is a treasure trove of musical knowledge and expertise. Lego is a consummate professional with a deep understanding of various musical genres, and is a master in the roots reggae and dub space. Also running multiple quality nights as a co-founder Tovch Ent, Lego has music running through his veins.