Raise The Roof 4 Announced

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Raise The Roof 4 Announced


Boom! Notorious for some of the rowdiest shows and biggest beats in the hip hop business, the Funkoars’ clever satirical lyrics and mad rhymes are paired with the world-class beats of DJ Reflux to create killer party tunes – with four albums under their belts so far, latest effort The Quickening is a bang-up effort featuring guest performances from Hilltop Hoods, Vents, Ad-Fu, K21 with production from Large Professor, Dazastah, Simplex and Debate. Stopping by for a date on their Being Vincent D’Onofrio tour, they’re joined by Lowrider and their mesmerising blend of soul and funk as well as recent Golden Era signee Vents – plus Sydney’s Def Wish Cast and local champion Briggs, with Espy regular MC Reason on hosting duries and DJ Flagrant’s Aussie hip hop video show. Big!