Quiet Man Irish Pub offers classic Irish food and music with a true blue twist

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Quiet Man Irish Pub offers classic Irish food and music with a true blue twist

Words by Tammy Walters

Take a step inside the charming Quiet Man Irish Pub in Flemington. Don’t let the name deceive you, this one-stop shop is buzzing with music, entertainment, excellent food and exceptional service; bringing a slice of Ireland to the North-Western suburbs of Melbourne.

As you enter the foyer, you can see the rich history of the 21 year old pub through a gallery of images representing the pub’s life span, homage to its namesake – the 1952 John Wayne film of the same title set amongst a stunning Irish backdrop – and framed certificates of hospitality excellence from the Australian Hotels Association Awards covering the walls.

The venue is divided into three sections: the restaurant, the beer garden and the front bar, boasting a warm atmosphere with a fireplace; a beautifully crafted bar, designed and made in Ireland and assembled on-site; and nods to Ireland in the décor. The wait staff are Irish, the chefs are all Irish, and the food and drink are a blend of traditional Irish and Aussie favourites, from Irish stew and seafood chowder to the beloved parma.

“It’s good, honest food, and you can get anything from the humble burger all the way through to the more sophisticated foods,” says owner Michael Gillis. “You’re getting the authentic foods. The experience is very similar to what you would get if you walk into an Irish pub, and that’s what we’ve tried to do over the years. All of the ingredients are there for an Irish flavour.”

They further boast a cocktail and beer of the month from their extensive collection of beers on tap – this month is Clover Club and Heineken respectively. But it’s not all just Guinness and stew; the entertainment is where Quiet Man Irish Pub really stands out amongst the masses, with something on every night.


Begin your week by getting your dancing shoes on with Irish Step Dancing Lessons on Monday night. These free lessons are fully facilitated and for any skill level.


In true Australian pub tradition, Tuesday night means trivia night at the Quiet Man. You can join a team or create your own, with great prizes to be won.


Every third Wednesday of the month, one of the favourite events for the pub takes place: the Quiet Man Irish Singers Club. From sing-alongs across any genre, jam sessions, and even poetry readings, this is where the real community spirit of the Irish pub sits.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the front bar is fully transformed with live bands playing pub classics. On Sunday evenings in the restaurant, the traditions of Irish music are kept alive through a live band playing not only traditional ditties, but also some more contemporary Irish hits.

The first day of the month boasts a special intimate series – The Fireside Sessions. As the name suggests, a group gathers by the fire to have an unscripted jam session with acoustic instruments and collective singing.

“It’s retaining the Irish tradition. People really get engrossed in that because it’s so unusual,” says Gillis.

If that’s not enough, for the month of August Quiet Man will also be hosting tribute acts on Saturday evenings, beginning with Van Morrison and finishing up with U2, consisting of original members of the official Australian U2 show, on August 31, 2019.

They will also be gearing up for the Rugby World Cup, playing the games live every day until the massive Grand Final that shares the same day as Derby Day, November 2. Within walking distance from Flemington Race Course, Quiet Man will be the place to be. Put it in your calendar.

In the meantime, get into Quiet Man Irish Pub to be transported to an Irish wonderland and become fully immersed in the culture.

“The Quiet Man Irish Pub is still keeping on with those traditions after all those years, so it would be nice for us to keep on going.”

Find The Quiet Man Irish Pub at 271 Racecourse Road, Flemington. For more information, head to thequietman.com.au.