Q&A: The Deep End

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Q&A: The Deep End


You’ve played with some big acts such as Airbourne, Hoodoo Gurus and Screaming Jets. What has been our favourite gig to date?

We’ve been pretty lucky to play with bands that have been a huge influence on us, but my favourite gig would still have to be St.Kilda Festival way back in 2008. We were a relatively new band but drew a huge crowd on a wicked summers day. Can’t go past festival action!

What inspires or has influenced your music the most?

We’ve always been about keeping our music pretty straight forward and to the point. When writing we usually draw influence from experiences with girls, drinking and getting what’s deserved. We’re not here to bitch and moan about global warming or the economic crisis. The world has U2 for that. We have a great time writing and playing our music so in return we want people to enjoy themselves and the good times when they listen to us and see us at shows.

You’re about to launch your new CD entitled Your Shout. How many tracks and where can we get it?

This time we only had enough cash to record four tracks, but in saying that we’re really stoked with them and hopefully enough people will want more and we’ll be able to record a full album in 2012 with some financial backing. The CD is available on iTunes and from thedeependrock.com from November 24.

What can punters expect from your live show?

Expect a lot of debauchery, energy, beer and with any luck a lot of scantily clad women! Also, expect to be deaf till the end of the next day at least.

When and where is the CD launch?

The launch is on Friday November 25 at The Espy Front Bar with support from our good mates Electrik Dynamite, The Lockhearts and Empra. Free entry!