Q&A: Chico Flash vs. Alithia

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Q&A: Chico Flash vs. Alithia


Questions from Alithia to Chico Flash

What is the driving force behind the intensity of your music?

Matt: The pure, challenging fun of improvising with limited resources & finding a venue that offers any beer besides Carlton Draught on the rider.

James: Toyota stationwagon.

Did you have an end goal when you set out with this project?

Matt: To record & release a cd with money from gigging, we’ve done that, have to make up more goals. Put on a larger scale ‘Chico Fiesta’ perhaps?

James: When we first started it was more of a ‘let’s see if we can get banned from every open-mic night in melbourne’ kinda thing, but then people actually started enjoying our performances.

What do you think about drugs and music?

Matt: A friend said she lit a joint at the beginning of our album & totally ‘got it’ by the end!

James: One time a dropped a couple of caps of ibuprofen before a show, just rode that tiger through the set as if i didn’t care…

I know we can get a Chico Roll at the fish and chip shop, where can i get my hands on some chico flash music??

Matt: Shows, Thornbury Records, Sydonia’s website, most fish & chipperies.

James: We offer our music in a pure liquid form, which can be purchased from us and injected directly into your eardrums. How good is living in the future?

If you could play at any venue anywhere in the world where would it be?

Matt: Any outdoor festival, like Woodford or Meredith?

James: Main hall at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, or better yet, The BarleyCorn.

Chico Flash asks Alithia

If your new album was a flavour of ice-cream what would it be?

Is Astral Space Core a flavour?? Creamy Vanilla with ice magic! A classic that builds the foundations for many more flavours to come.

Who’s a better bassist? Les Claypool or John Bonham?

Gee thats tough one because i dont know who either of them are?? Isnt Bonham the drummer from Led Zepplin maybe…. Hold on a second something is not right??

Best venue in Melbourne?

That would have to be the Forum theatre for me. Our drummer wants to pay respect to the great underground late Arthouse Hotel (RIP)

Any pre gig rituals?

We do always come together connecting and igniting the astral space torch and Johnny will say a few cosmic words before the battle begins.

How do you feel about large superintelligent rodents?

Are you talking about Capiburras? Cause if you are then i believe they are the largest rodent on earth and they do catch and eat them in parts of South America! Cool hey!! but if your talking about human beings who like to dig around and go through the dirtiest parts of your life and infest it with dis-ease and have alterior motives, then we need to create a extermination program to be free of them!!