Q&A: Becky Lee & Trunkfoot

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Q&A: Becky Lee & Trunkfoot


Ten bands everyone should know about:

The Oblivians, The Black Tears, Wax Idols, Lenguas Largas, Davila 666, Jessie Mae Hemphill (best one woman band ever), Gospel Claws, Kitty, Daisy And Lewis (sis-in-law Daisy), Delaney Davidson and Reverend Beatman.

Nine food items that you need to make a kickarse dinner party:

Tacos, burritos, corn and flour tortillas, BBQ chicken/pork for said tacos/burritos, tortilla chips, mexican rice, refried beans, salsa, (spicy!), guacamole, mountain of limes.

Eight possessions that define you:

Guitar, junior drum sticks, too much black, set list book, plane/train ticket stubs, hot sauce, empty wallet, chanel stank, frizzy hair help for my mop, pile of boots.

Seven favourite movies/TV shows that go on your mix-tape:

American Idol, X Factor, Hoarders, Extreme Makeover, So You Think You Can Dance, The Voice, Dancing With The Stars.

Six bad habits you can’t escape:

Thrift shops, internet, double vodka tonics, taxis, discount airlines, love songs/sad songs.

Five people who inspire you:

Mom, dad, three brothers.

Four things that turn you on:

Spicy food, road trips, rollercoasters, dancing dirty.

Three goals for your music:

Babes, booze and bucks.

Two live gigs you’ll never forget and why:

The White Stripes in Zurich. Small(ish) venue, front row, great sound, Jack smiles at me and I almost pee in my pants. Reatard’s Gonerfest ’09. Jay is wasted, last Reatards show, Jay pees on his pants, the stage, and other stuff around him.

One day left before the apocalypse and you…:

Put the final touches on my multi-passenger time machine and party.

When’s the gig / release?

December 1 at The Old Bar, December 3at The Tote front bar, December 21at Cherry Bar and December 24at The Old Bar again.