Puscifer told their story across four interesting and distinct acts when they mesmerised The Plenary

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Puscifer told their story across four interesting and distinct acts when they mesmerised The Plenary


When a band walks onto the stage armed with extraordinary music, thought-provoking lyrics and a seemingly unending determination to fuck with your head, you find yourself in for a hell of a night.


Puscifer’s show was a gig like no other. Broken into four distinct parts, each act bringing a new way to tell the story created by the enigmatic Maynard James Keenan who, like usual, performed mostly in darkness and with his face totally obscured, this time by a luchador mask.


Act one bought only audio to the table. The atmospheric industrial sounds of Puscifer reverberated around the (fully seated) theatre with no frills. By the time we had arrived at Act four, the story was at its climax. There were lights, a big screen, Mexican wrestlers and Carina Round running around frantically any time she had a break from delivering her haunting vocals, everything was at 11 and the music was ramped up accordingly.


Going beyond the showmanship and narrative, the musicianship was just as exceptional. Jeff Friedl on the drums, front and centre of stage (where the drums should be) put on a masterclass, striking the balance between the softer tones of tracks like The Humbling River to the absolute chaos that is Money Shot. Paul Barker (formerly of Ministry) on bass and Mat Mitchellon guitar both held the band together and kept things powerfully rolling along from one track to another without a hitch, and Mahsa Zargaran played a plethora of different instruments, adding parts in seemingly endless ways.


Puscifer’s music is adept at telling a story because the tracks cover so many topics and genres, if you are looking for a band with a token love ballad, you’re in the wrong place. Toma deals with loss, The Remedy with anger and frustration and if there’s a better song to go with an intense night in the bedroom than Breathe then I haven’t heard it.


Half gig, half stageplay, wholly mesmerising. If Puscifer is coming to a theatre near you, drop everything and get yourself there.

By Nathan Quattrucci


Highlight: Everything.

Lowlight: Nothing.

Crowd Favourite: Conditions of My Parole.