Pursuing Pleasure with Piera Dennerstein and Pamela Christie

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Pursuing Pleasure with Piera Dennerstein and Pamela Christie

Opera singer turned curvaceous cabaret cantatrice Piera Dennerstein (Finucane & Smith, ‘Blue is the Colour’ Midsumma 2022) shares the intimate truths of her body and mind in this sexy, silly and deeply human debut solo show.

Using the exceptional versatility of her voice in everything from Puccini to Cardi B, Piera tells the story, with humour, sincerity and hope, of her experiences forming her values and beliefs as she recovered from the toxicity of the opera industry and domestic abuse. Extrapolated from a poem she wrote in 2020 entitled “This is what my body was built for”, this work will explore how leaning into the pleasurable – demonstrated in the operatic and sensual – as long as it causes no harm to others, is a powerful political act.

With dramaturgy by Melbourne Fringe Living Legend Moira Finucane, and direction by cabaret world-maker Olivia Charalambous, this deeply personal work boldly continues Piera’s dramatic aims of blurring the boundary between high and low art and cultivating a shared humanity. In exposing all, Piera hopes to provide those who have survived rejection and oppression an opportunity to feel seen, find hope, and have a much-deserved giggle.