Punk: Mod Con in the studio with Gareth Liddiard, and more new music from High Tension

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Punk: Mod Con in the studio with Gareth Liddiard, and more new music from High Tension


Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that style of music or lyrical content, but every copycat band caught up in this wave will be looked back on the same way bands from the ‘90s with ska influences and wallet chains are now. Perhaps what I’m referring to is a lot more niche than the skeletons of the punk closet that many of our elders would like us to forget about, but I feel the novelty of it all has long since worn off. I’m not going to name names of the contemporary culprits, but it seems like ever since Eddy Current Suppression Ring broke up and Cosmic Psychos somehow became fashionable, it seems every second band on Melbourne stages is a dumbed down version of both. Both are great bands and influences to have, but enough is enough folks. It’s all becoming as musically and lyrically asinine and its straight-edge hardcore antithesis. But hey, maybe I’m just being pessimistic and jealous because my band that sounds like everything I’ve described isn’t rich and famous yet.

Melbourne’s MOD CON have announced the upcoming release of their debut full-length. Producer Gareth Liddiard of The Drones described the record as sonically “between The Bangles and Black Flag.” The album was recorded in Liddiard’s rural studio located in the Goulburn Valley. “The isolated rural backdrop provided a perfect combination of clear-cut focus and cabin fever to get the job done,” explains vocalist and guitarist Erica Dunn. Titled Modern Convenience, the record is due out Friday April 6 on Poison City Records.

Melbourne’s High Tension have returned with the release of a new single, their first material since 2015’s full length Bully. Introducing new guitarist and drummer Mike Deslandes and Lauren Hammel to the group, the new track ‘Ghost to Ghostis taken from an upcoming full-length due out later this year. Vocalist Karina Utomo explains the background to the song’s fierce lyrical content. “Last year I connected with other Indonesians whose families were implicated in the anti-communist purge. Even at present, systemic silencing has stopped people from sharing their stories and spreading truth surrounding that era. They described their daily storytelling as “dari hantu ke hantu” or “from ghost to ghost” and I felt like this was what I have been trying to attempt for the past decade,” Utomo says.

Long-running skate punks Pennywise have announced the upcoming release of a new album, their first record of new material with returned vocalist Jim Lindberg since 2008. Entitled Never Gonna Die, the record will be released on the band’s long-time label Epitaph. With the title track already released online, vocalist Lindberg explained its background. “The goal of the song is to try and get young people to finally say enough, and that the system isn’t working,” he says. Never Gonna Die is due out Friday April 20 on Epitaph. Pre-orders are available now.