Psychedelic daydreamers Babe Rainbow turned The Corner into a big disco party

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Psychedelic daydreamers Babe Rainbow turned The Corner into a big disco party

Babe Rainbow
1 / 4
Words by Rochelle Bevis
Pics by Josh Braybrook

This was fun.

If most bands were to shine the house lights on the crowd after each song, it would seem like a big, “fuck you we’re not just here for your entertainment”. But when the Babe Rainbow did it, it felt like a way of uniting the crowd and band.

The performance was jam-packed with the Babe Rainbow fan favourites as well as tracks from their latest album, Today. They brought down the house with hits such as ‘Planet Junior’ and ‘Supermoon’. With their sea of blonde hair and tie-dye tones, the psych-poppers made us feel like we were watching them jam in their garage after a surf.

Creating the most surreal sound experience was the performance of ‘Monky Disco’, which transformed The Corner into a psychedelic jungle. If David Attenborough performed a gig on acid, this would be it.

Surf-pop tune, ‘Johnny Says Stay Cool’, was a crowd-pleaser, heightening the excitement in the room even more. As Angus Dowling sang, “Breathe in”, the crowd responded by singing, “breathe out”, while dancing their socks off.

‘Love Forever’ has become an anthem for the Babe Rainbow, and rightfully so. The tune captures a feeling of youth, sunshine and friendship and is ultimately a celebration of life. It’s a whimsical mess of technicolour words and sayings, which leads you down a yellow brick road into the minds of the Babe Rainbow. It’s hard to imagine they’ll ever top this track.

Unlike most acts who want to focus on their new tunes, the Babe Rainbow were generous in giving The Corner crowd what they came to see. Although there are clear tones of psychedelic legends such as Donovan and Tame Impala, there is something so unique and different about the way they approach music. They are storytellers and seem only to create the music that they want to create. They aren’t trying to fit a mould and this show represented that more than ever.

Highlight: The Babe Rainbow turning the Corner into a psychedelic jungle with ‘Monky Disco’.

Lowlight: The bloody pole in the middle of the band room.

Crowd favourite: The crowd absolutely lost their minds to ‘Love Forever’.