Prudence Rees-Lee : Emmanuelle

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Prudence Rees-Lee : Emmanuelle


“Legendary Melbourne producer” Simon Grounds (sometimes I really wonder if the Australian music industry understands that no-one is watching) has corralled musicians from Lost Animal, Useless Children and Kes Band to support experimental pop artist Prudence Rees-Lee in this, her debut single, named jointly after the erotic film classic Emmanuelle and the Hebraic Immanuel and taken from her “double-gatefold” album (sheesh) Court Music From The Planet Of Love. Despite (or perhaps because of) the epic wankery of all of this, Prudence and her legendary producer have a made something moody, nostalgic and beautiful, worthy of the self-ascribed Jane Birkin and Bridget St John comparisons. Dripping strings, flute and harpsichord, and driven by Prudence’s girlish, almost faltering voice, this track is out of time and utterly lovely.