Priory Dolls Vs Reckless Vagina

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Priory Dolls Vs Reckless Vagina


Priory Dolls start the conversation:

I told someone I was playing with a band called Reckless Vagina and they kicked me in the face out of shock.

This isn’t a typical reaction at all. Usually, people are quite receptive to the band name and quite often praise us for having the balls to try something so wristkay. The guy that kicked you in the face was that same guy who borrowed all our gear… we didn’t like him from the get go. Dru Hill, our bass player, had it in for him bad. We were heckling him; telling him he should try writing songs with his ear plugs out. Basically just being big bullies. He took offence I blocked his first punch, but failed to avoid the wrath of his shoe. He was a fiery little Joe. The press got it wrong: It was totally our junkie behavior – not our name – that was the instigator.

Your recordings sound as if they’ve been orchestrated on a budget. If you had $50,000 to make an album how would you spend it?

That’s interesting ’cause our upcoming double A side release, Dollarhyde and Hit And Miss had a budget of $50K. We were going for that “low-fi” sound using really cool expensive gear. It’s nice to hear we nailed it.

Would you rather play to an appreciative crowd who stood stock still for your entire set or to a crowd who hated your music but tore the place to shreds?

We’ll rather a bit from both sides. It would make for an interesting photo.

You’ve been playing the bouzouki. What the fuck is a bouzouki?

Hey man, pay some respect! The bouzouki is older than your surname. It has eight strings, similar looking to a banjo…say, did you know Greece was successful in stalling Nazi progress during World War II using the sounds of a bouzouki and scents of fried haloumi?

I have a pair of really high quality half a size too small for me. Do you have a pair you might want to trade (I’m a size 8 1/2)?

Nup, but if you have enough money to go spending on shoes that don’t fit come hang with us. We love spending other people’s indifference.

If you could be transported to any time and place in history with nothing except a boombox, a CD and a suit of armour…

Ini Kamoze’s Here Comes The Hotstepper in Ibiza. I’m already there.


Describe your ideal Friday night in four words.

Bad ass snorkel toxins.

What is soul?

Soul is a hammer in your cornflakes.

What are you going to do with it?

I’m going to put it under the house, moisten it over a period of three weeks while I’ll scour the shoreline of a desolate beach, trying to find the most appropriate vessel for its containment. There are a couple of options for after that but ultimately the only real way to go is to take your vessel, paint it maroon (any deep red will suffice), gently put it in. Then fling it at a brick wall with as much velocity as possible. I think that’s what I would do with it.

What are you going to do now that you are enlightened?

Follow the Olsen twins around the world and preach their teachings.

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

The power of veto.

If your name was Wankel what would you do with your life?

Well, it’s going to have to engines isn’t it… Or sex toys.

Shall we sex?

Friday August 5. East Brunswick Club.