Press Club announce headline tour, drop new video

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Press Club announce headline tour, drop new video


Press Club seem to have an issue with sitting still; they’ve just come back to Melbourne after an eight-week long national tour with The Smith Street Band, and have already announced their own Aussie headline tour.

The Melbourne based four-piece are touring the eastern seaboard to hit you with live renditions of their debut album, LATE TEENS. The album was recorded over a six-week period, during which they turned bassist Ian MacRae’s house into a “temporary song-writing sweatshop”; as you’d expect from the LP’s title, the tunes explore displacement, relationships, inner turmoil, gentrification, and inequality. Catch the live versions of these debut choons throughout July, as Press Club work their way up and down the coast.

The album’s title track has been paired with a video made out of footage of the band touring across Australia. The ‘Late Teens’ vid is nostalgic and homegrown, with footage captured by the band themselves; you see them fostering their newfound love of the back seat of vans, airport gate lounges, and cheap motels.