Pop Mashup: Happy Birthday Doctor!

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Pop Mashup: Happy Birthday Doctor!


Saturday November 23 will commemorate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, the longest running science-fiction show in history. Since its genesis in 1963, the TV series has captured the hearts of millions across the world with its eccentric characters and thrilling adventures, including US comedian Katherine Phelps (In Search of LOLitanium), who created the Melbourne Fringe Festival musical comedy: Pop Mashup: Happy Birthday Doctor!

One of the most fascinating things about this production is not its collusive blend of Rowling’s Harry Potter characters and the BBC classic sci-fi, rather, it is the intricate detail that Phelps has invested into the characters. Lead actor Ruben Francis, who studied at the Actors Conservatory, plays a compelling and witty Doctor full of frantic intelligence and impulsivity, while Sarah Cooper portrays an impeccably anxious Hermione Granger. They complement each other very well, creating a riveting dynamic akin to that found in both Rowling’s writings and Doctor Who.

However, when you thought that combination was strange enough, wait until you see The Doctor’s nemesis Grumpy Cat (Melinda King) try to take over the universe with Nyan Cats powered by arton energy emitted from the TARDIS (the blue police box that The Doctor travels around in) and pop tarts. It sounds like too much internet, especially Tumblr, crammed into one show, but somehow it worksAnd it is because of this fact, that playwright and comedian Katherine Phelps has to be commended on creating a time travel, magic and cat-infused musical comedy that will leave all geeks regarding it as the Shakespeare of their generation.