Polar Force: Speak Percussion

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Polar Force: Speak Percussion

This event is part of Now Or Never 2023.

Embark on an immersive audio expedition across the unforgiving continent of the planet.

Join Speak Percussion in a captivating live performance as Polar Force transports you to the Antarctic, where the authentic field recordings capture its mesmerising sounds. Within an inflatable installation, acting as your temporary shelter from the elements, prepare to encounter a sensorial symphony of sound, wind, and light. This extraordinary sonic environment is brought to life through instruments that mimic ice as it fractures and melts.

Polar Force dissolves the boundaries between trailblazing research, treacherous expeditions, and mysterious undertakings, prompting us to contemplate our own fragility and our profound connection to nature in moments of isolation.

After dazzling audiences all over the world, this extraordinary performance returns for Melbourne for an exclusive limited season at Now or Never.

Learn more about the residency program that initiated this project at the Creative Antarctica Symposium.