Pianos Become The Teeth : Wait For Love

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Pianos Become The Teeth : Wait For Love


Their fourth release, Wait For Love, shows this sound in all of its grey-skied, sweater-weather glory.

The album itself, like much of their work, presents their unique spin on the post-hardcore sound, toning it back and using lyrical inspiration from some earlier ‘screamo’ acts. Some tracks on the album, like the enigmatically-named ‘Song1’ and ‘Equator’ take their time to play out, using slow, methodical rhythms and unique vocals. While others tend to stack more sound and more power behind them, and the singing finds the roots that it has in the post-hardcore scene and uses it to full effect, such methodical tones and unique, despondent vocals are the building blocks of this album.   

Pianos Become The Teeth bring a sombre, autumn-like aesthetic to the scenes and circuits they play on and occupy. A solid album release that will please their fans and anyone that subscribes to such an aesthetic, but it’s not for the sunnier folks in life.