Petra Polácková

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Petra Polácková

A must-see performance for classical guitar lovers, Petra Poláčková’s awe-inspiring musicianship is a true testament to her dedication to the craft.

A classical guitarist of commanding musicality, Petra Poláčková began her studies at the age of six and has evolved into a true musician’s musician. With a wealth of experience that includes training with renowned guitarists and musicians such as Petr Saidl, Zdenek Dvorak and Paolo Pegoraro, Poláčková’s musicianship and virtuosity have earned her numerous first-place prizes and invitations to lead masterclasses at prestigious guitar festivals across the globe.

Poláčková’s captivating and emotive performances are a masterclass in classical guitar, and she performs on a variety of exquisite guitars which include a Concert Master Double Top guitar made by Petr Matousek, a historical guitar by Domingo Esteso, an eight-string romantic guitar, and a nine-string romantic guitar made by Jan Tuláček.

Petra Polackova’s performance in Primrose Potter Salon takes listeners on a journey through the Romantic era with reinterpretations from works by Johann Kaspar Mertz, Franz Schubert and Miguel De Fuenllana. The breathtaking and deeply moving musicianship of Petra Poláčková is a performance not to be missed.