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Pete Lyrebird


Tell us about Pair Of Rogues. Pair Of Rogues was recorded over 2016/17 alongside a collection of other songs. These ones stood out as being a bit different, so they got their own EP. It features improvised instrumental pieces, moody fairytale and story-driven songs exploring the plight of individuals obsessed by sublime delusions.

How important was improvisation during the recording process? It was really important for the particular mood and energy that was captured. It was a bit of a revelation. I started improvising as a way to warm up and get into the mood before each take. It felt like this process was transporting me to an interesting place, so I began recording it too. They seemed to frame the lyrical songs nicely, so some is included on the EP.

What do you love about making music? I love that you can conjure a condensed world that has the potential to be a potent journey, and succinctly express so much. I love the feeling of immersion it gives and, as a performer, I love the interplay with other musicians, and with the audience – especially when it feels like we’re all in sync and everyone’s aboard the same ship. 

What can a punter expect from your live show? Alongside my accomplices and special guests Steph Brett and Scurvy and the Dogs, the night will include visual, atmospheric and performance elements that bring these rogues to life. We’ll be journeying through various worlds and moods aboard a multi-carriage train of song.