People and Planet International Photography Exhibition

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People and Planet International Photography Exhibition


Prepare to be amazed and moved by startling and provocative images from over eighty countries…

The People & Planet International Photography Exhibition pay homage to acts of social and environmental justice around the world with a display of captivating and thought-provoking images at Little Creatures Dining Hall from September 29.

The exhibition will raise money for 37 different Australian charities and features the work of many acclaimed professional and amateur photographers telling stories relating to of environmental and social challenges met by nations around the world.

With over 4,000 entries submitted from artists in over 80 countries the exhibition is diverse as it is confronting, striking and poignant.

The exhibition will be held at Little Creatures Dining Hall in Fitzroy, and is the first time a major showing has been held at the venue.

Head down between 11am and 11pm daily from September 29 to October 10 and marvel at the beauty and intensity of some of this work.

Check out the the People and Planet website for more info.